Southern Italian – $13 per 250 grams

Roasted and blended in a classic Italian style.  It is bold in flavour, dense in the mouth and has the classic bittersweet after taste that is synonymous with this style of coffee.


Barista’s Choice – $13 per 250 grams

Our superior café blend for espresso machine extraction. The flavours are full, round and satisfying with hints of chocolate and spice.  Firm body with no bitter aftertaste.


Zo’i Primo – $13 per 250 grams

Crisp and full flavoured with firm body.   This blend is a delicious cup for the discerning home brewer. This blend is roasted to best suit a plunger.


Premium Blend Swiss Water Decaf – $14 per 250 grams

A blend of beans from South America and Asia.  A combination that gives a full-bodied flavour in a decaffeinated blend with tones of chocolate and spice.


Guatemala – $14 per 250 grams

Deeply flavoured dark chocolate with spice, smoke and fruity overtones. Exotic, rare and sought after grand cruz coffee.  A genuine Antiguan.


Ethiopian Sidamo FTO $14 per 250 grams

Rich and earthy with a lingering aroma of berries. Sweet and full bodied with a long mellow finish.  Exquisitely rich coffee that promises much and delivers more.


Honduras SHG Coprocael Organic$15 per 250 grams

A full bodied coffee that is an all rounder. This coffee gives the smooth and full bodied flavor expected from a high quality beans. This coffee is versatile and can be used in espresso machine, stovetop or plunger.


Peru Juan Santos Atahualpa FTO – $15 per 250 grams

Apricot and citrus acidity upfront. Full body with a sweet, nutty caramel and cocoa finish.